Bill O’Reilly: Biden’s Fundamental Failure at Leadership

Conflicting guidelines from health officials continue to be a hitch in the giddy-up for the US recovery this summer.  Bill O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable efforts from the Biden Administration to take the reins have only helped fuel the growing sense of distrust between Americans and the White House.  

“Panic is setting in,” O’Reilly said.  “We need leadership now with the Covid panic, and we’re not getting it because Joe Biden isn’t capable of providing leadership, on any issue.”

O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable Biden’s handling of the delta variant was “creating problems rather than solving.”  But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, perhaps.  

But so it goes that Biden’s slow-up on the pedal was what made him the ideal candidate to a fractured liberal coalition.  A vessel to put themselves into, somebody who could say, make, do.  But Biden’s first six months in office, which were framed to eclipse those of FDR, has stalled, just like his bills in Congress.

“As President of the United States, Joe Biden’s job is to solve problems,” O’Reilly said.  “Tell me one problem that the man has solved.”

A particular thorn in Biden’s side is the lagging vaccination rates, as some Americans continue to eschew the vaccine.   But as democratic voices that made their bread and butter decrying the very folks they wish to convince now, O’Reilly pointed to the complete failure of trust between millions of Americans and their leaders.

“It’s effective, it protects you,” O’Reilly said about the vaccines. “But you have groups in America…that don’t trust the government, so they’re not going to take the vax.”  

O’Reilly admitted to The Cats Roundtable he feared for America under the Biden presidency, particularly on the continued crisis on the US-Mexico border.

“He’s caused an enormous amount of damage. When you have millions of foreign nationals coming in here, some of them have Covid, and they’re just flooding into this country because of Joe Biden, no one else,” O’Reilly warned.  “He is clueless.”

Listen to the interview below

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