Dr. Peter Navarro: Biden’s Administration Has “Turned To Stone”

With plummeting approval ratings, a massive spending bill stalling, and inflation rising, Biden’s administration is facing a loss of face ahead of a virtual summit with China’s Xi Jinping on Monday.   The world leaders are expected to address disagreements from Taiwan to trade, but Dr. Peter Navarro fears Biden would concede the Trump-era tariffs on China in an attempt to lift the pressures on his administration. 

“If Biden does that, he will be going against the American people,” Navarro warned The Cats Roundtable, adding Biden would throw away the Trump tariffs to distract from his inflation-causing spending policies.

“The idea that you can have these low progressive trillion-dollar packages on Capitol Hill—and somehow that’s going to take the inflation rate down,” Navarro gawked.  “The problem is, they still have enough power to jam this stuff down our throats.”

Biden has made it a point to slash and burn the Trump administration’s policies since he took office earlier this year, and to protect his own policies Navarro was sure he would finally do with the tariffs.  From the reversal of Trump’s immigration policies, which has worsened the US-Mexico border crisis, to rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and shutting down the Alaska pipeline, Navarro expressed his disappointment that Biden wasn’t acting in US interests.

“There’s something really at stake here for this country, if Biden sacrifices those tariffs on the alter of his incompetency and corruption.  This would be big news around the world, and a death blow to any of our ability to fight back against the communist Chinese,” Navarro told The Cats Roundtable.

Biden’s seeming lack of leverage will be felt at his meeting with Xi Jinping.  The two leaders have sparred from everything to the origins of the pandemic to human rights.  Navarro suggested the Biden administration’s loyalties seemed to have more in common with China than the US, adding he hoped it was less intentional and just “incompetence.”

“Everything he has touched since he’s gotten into office…has turned to stone,” Navarro told The  Cats Roundtable, adding blue-collar Americans continue to collect the worse of Biden’s failures, from the supply chain to gasoline.

“We were energy independent under the Trump administration, think about that, energy independent,” Navarro said, adding Biden’s presidency, by intention or incompetence, seemed to be guaranteeing that Americans would be  “poorer tomorrow than you were today.”

Listen to the interview below

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