Sean Spicer: Democratic “Bumper Stickers” Bolstered by Media Left

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, knows the difference between truth and spin.  He stood at the forefront of a whirlwind when the objectivity that journalism aspired to seemed to erode in the pursuit of partisanship.  Watching the liberal media grow increasingly complacent with the Biden White House, becoming little more than voice boxes for what the White House wants to project, Spicer   felt he needed to “give people a little more depth.”

“I think the Democrats have great bumper stickers,” he told The Cats Roundtable.  “But at the end of the day every one of their policies is in pursuit of permanent political power, and people have to understand that.”

The consolidation of power was naked to see, but required investigation the media seemed intent to ignore. Spicer said the policies that Biden was enacting exposed “the motive and goals of what the Left had at stake.”

But when journalists have left the watch, Americans stand in the dark.   Spicer remembered his time at the White House when he knew some journalists still “truly believed” in “getting it right.”  But then the whirlwind came.

  Spicer told The Cat Roundtable he “didn’t fully appreciate the extent” of the vitriol for President Trump until he saw the complacency in the press rooms now.  

“The lack of push back, the lack of accountability that occurs after the double standards, the hypocrisy,”  Spicer said, adding journalists were “not allowing the American people to see what is really happening.”

But Spicer noted it seemed the new status quo with mainstream media and Democratic government was the trend, not the end.  

“It’s not about informing the public,” Spicer said about the current conditions.  “They look at themselves as activists…and as part of a system that they think will enact policies that they support.  It’s not about what most people traditionally have thought of journalism as.”

Listen to the interview below

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