Dick Morris – Lockdown caused unnecessary harm.

Mike Pompeo – Around the world report, foreign policy.

Larry Kudlow – Inflation has reared its ugly head.

Steve Moore – Inflation and energy costs rising.

Peter Michalos, MD – Vaccine for 12 year olds. All open by July 4.

Ed Martin – Drug questions linger for Kentucky Derby winner.

Ed Rendell – Infrastructure is imperative for future.

Owen Pataki – Book: Searchers in Winter.. Napoleon

Peter King – Stand by Israel now in time of need.

Senator Ron Johnson – The border mess is owned by President Biden.

Ambassador Danny Danon – Israel will respond with full force to defend itself.

Peter Michalos, MD – Anti-vaxxers threaten all of us.

Ashley Moody – Florida is leading the way in voting rights.

Kevin McCarthy – Great prospects take back House in 2022.

Sarah Feinberg – Come back to the MTA it is clean and safe.

Eric Adams – Leading candidate for Mayor.

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