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Sen. Marsha Blackburn – Border crisis has reached an alarming level.

Amb. John Bolton – Israel, Biden with holds weapons.

Steve Forbes – Inflation is creeping back, and the Fed seems helpless.

Peter Michalos, MD – Alzheimer’s disease and tips on reducing your risks.

Dick Morris – Will Biden be replaced as nominee? Is RFK Jr. influencing the race?

US Sen. Candidate Bernie Moreno – Running a great campaign vs Senator Sherrod Brown

Former NY Gov. David Paterson – Will the state budget make us safer?

John Hart, NYPD – Synagogues under threat…extra security.

Mario Economou – Will Putin resort to nuclear weapons in Ukraine? Europe thinks so.

SI DA Mike McMahon – Arresting illegal squatters.

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – A huge sunspot could interrupt communication.

Fernando Mateo – Bodega workers have a right to defend themselves and their business.

NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli – Budget is finished. Looking at MTA finances.

Jessica Scarcella-Spanton & Eric Shuffler – Big plans for the ballpark this season.

Michael Stoler – The Stoler Report with Brian Steinwurtzel

Sen. Rand Paul – Dr. Fauci has some explaining to do.

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