Jeffrey Weisenfeld – Mayor Ed Koch’s devotion to New York City.

Rocco Lacertosa – Heating oil safety and consumer preference.

Peter Michalos MD – Stem cells, the fountain of youth.

Former Rep. Peter King – Crime still tops the agenda of New York issues.

Matt Daus – Bike lanes expanding in the City.. very popular.

Former Gov. George Pataki – State of New York.. crime number 1 issue.

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – Black holes, first photos emerge.

NYPD John Miller – Ghost guns pervasive in City.

Former Sec. of State Mike Pompeo – World challenges on many fronts.

Larry Kudlow – The price of oil continues to fuel inflation.

Dick Morris – Biden’s administration failed leadership.

Dr. Mehmet Oz – Primary vote Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Leads pack.

Gordon Chang – Is China President facing internal opposition?

Adam Goodman – Florida welcomes residents from all over the Country.

Jim Chanos – Bitcoin, wise investment or fraud.

Former AG Ernie Preate – First to argue Roe V. Wade unconstitutional.

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John Bolton: “We Need to Get Moving” on China

President Biden’s address the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday promised a policy of “relentless diplomacy” to wary US allies while tamping down on anxieties over the growing tensions between the US and China.  Biden’s speech came on the heels of a new US-Australia agreement aimed at corralling the growing...

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