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Sen. Rick Scott – The southern border is a security breach.

General Wesley Clark retd. – Update on the Ukraine offensive.

Professor Alan Dershowitz – Trump’s $355 million judgment and 3-year ban from New York.

Former US Asst. Sec. of the Air Force Ty McCoy – Update on the Ukraine war. Houthis retaliation.

Rep. Mike Lawler – Suing MTA over Congestion pricing

Amb. George Tsunis – There’s no more beautiful place on earth than the Greek Islands.

Dr. Peter Michalos – High blood pressure and aging.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul – New rules for detaining shoplifters.

SVP NY Business Council Paul Zuber – New retail laws will be hard on businesses.

FerryHawks Pres. Eric Shuffler – Update on New Jersey politics. Governor Murphy’s wife – Senate.

Former NY Gov. David Paterson – The City facing a migrant crime wave.

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – Threat of Russian satellite war.

Michael Stoler – This week’s guest: Jared Epstein, Partner, Aurora Capital

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – Can President Biden survive the special counsel report?

Former Deputy National Security Director KT. McFarland – Biden pulled the rug out from the Israeli offensive.

General John Tiechert, retd – Retaliating the Houthis attack.

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