Dick Morris – Latino community rushing to the Republican column.

Former Congressman Peter King – School boards the new target of political activism.

Former NY Gov David Paterson – Intolerance of opposing views becoming rampant.

Rockland DA Tom Walsh – Brinks truck robbery 40th anniversary. Brutal day in Rockland County.

Peter Michalos MD – Transplant pig kidney holds promise for those on a waitlist.

Steve Moore – “Kill the Bill” the infrastructure bill.

DEA President Paul Digiacomo – Defunding police turns out not a great idea.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani – America at a crossroads.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – China tested hypersonic weapon. US caught off guard.

Larry Kudlow – Oil at $84/bb. Basis of inflation which is here to stay.

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Bystanders watched as a woman was raped on the Philadelphia SEPTA train.

John McLaughlin – As President Biden’s poll numbers drop, Governor’s races in NJ and VA change leads.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich – The country is facing so many crises. Midterms only hope.

Dr. Peter Pry – U.S intelligence caught by surprise, Chinese weapons.

Peter Michalos MD – The Merck pill will be a game-changer. Get vaccinated.

Dr. William Parker – The Turks and Greeks are playing a dangerous game in the Aegean sea.

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Former Rep. Peter King: Democratic Squabblings “Absolute Insanity”

The vote for Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar Build Back Better bill remains up in the air, as in-fighting in the Democratic party threatens to upend their razor-thin majorities in Congress.   More, a government shutdown looms as lawmakers, especially Democratic lawmakers, seem more divided than ever.   Former Representative Peter King...

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John Bolton: “We Need to Get Moving” on China

President Biden’s address the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday promised a policy of “relentless diplomacy” to wary US allies while tamping down on anxieties over the growing tensions between the US and China.  Biden’s speech came on the heels of a new US-Australia agreement aimed at corralling the growing...

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Gordon Chang: Biden’s US-China Policy Only Benefits China

With US-China relations at an all-time low, President Biden spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday.   The White House released a statement saying the two leaders had “discussed areas where our interests converge,” but many are skeptical the phone call could resolve the long list of disagreements...

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Never Forget”

Turn back the clock.  So long as you remember that day will not be forgotten.  In the 20 year shadow of that date, much has been gained and lost. To many an American on this anniversary, the hope remains that we will have the courage to always remember. The September...

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Al D’Amato: “Worst is Yet to Come” of Afghanistan Withdrawal

Scrutiny continues to build over Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, as it becomes increasingly clear he went ahead despite the warnings of intelligence and military advisors.  While he has maintained in public addresses to the nation that he owned the current chaos unfolding, the president has used much...

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Peter King: Buck Stops With Biden in Afghanistan

The end is in the sight for the chaotic evacuation from the Kabul Airport, as US personnel begin to withdraw and the Taliban move in.  13 U.S. service members and at least 169 Afghans were killed in a suicide bombing at the airport on Thursday, with the Pentagon warning...

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