Dick Morris – Shocking revelation German pedophiles.

Senator Mike Lee – White House censorship social media uncalled-for and wrong.

Steve Moore – This deficit will soon manifest itself in the economy.

Carol Miller MC – Recruiting Republican candidates for House take over.

Peter Michalos MD – Do not neglect your regular health maintenance.

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – The moon wobbles and forest fires create weather.

Nigel Farage – Europe facing a second wave of CoVid.

Tim Burchett MC – Congressional UFO report not the whole picture.

Frank Siller – Walking to Pentagon, then Pennsylvania, 20th 9/11 memorial.

Sheriff Dr. Errol Toulon Jr. – Appointed to prestigious Intelligence Commander Committee

Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn – Eric Adams will restore peace to the City.

Peter Michalos, MD – Get Vaccinated. Do us and yourself a favor.

Katy Merrifield – Canada relives a part of sad history treating indigenous people.

Larry Kudlow – Inflation is the biggest threat to recovery.

Bennie Boscio – Overworked, under-protected, dangerous for officers and inmates.

Luke Niforatos – This country is about to make a huge mistake. Legalizing pot in America.

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Mike Pompeo: Biden “All Carrot, and No Stick”

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