Pamela J. Newman – New book “Leadership is Doing”

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – Space junk and mini moons

Peter Michalos, MD – Vaccines are coming

Steve Moore – Great news on economy

Dick Morris – Election and Trump

Nicole Gelinas – City facing dire straits

Nicole Malliotakis – Congresswoman elect Staten Island

Senator Todd Young – All the marbles are in Georgia

Ronna McDaniel – Focus on Senate in Georgia

Jerome Corsi – Election being stolen

Mark Shaw – New book “Collateral Damage”

Tim Sini – Law and order key to 2020 success.

Rudy Giuliani – Lawsuits all over the Country.

Vito Fossella – Staten Island tolls and closings.

Michael J. Deegan – Covid testing for Catholic students.

Ed Mullins – Malliotakis win for police.

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Rudi Giuliani: “Substantial Fraud” in Dominion System and Mail-in Ballots

This Sunday, President Trump’s campaign continues to pursue legal action in key battleground states, while top GOP lawmakers have thrown their support behind the President’s right to pursue allegations that widespread fraud had skewered the election results. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, is one of the most outspoken critics of...

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Former Governor Scott Walker: Trump Speaks for Forgotten Americans

There’s a common question going around:  is 2020’s election looking a lot like 2016’s?  From the states that are looking to determine the election to the poll numbers that show Democratic nominee Joe Biden leading President Trump into November third, it does sound familiar. With toss-ups in swing-states like Wisconsin...

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Larry Kudlow: Trump “A Tide That Raises All Ships”

President Trump spent Thursday’s final presidential debate attacking Biden as a liberal who promised to socialize everything from energy to health care.  The President also spent the debate making the case his economic policies were needed to lead America back to the historic economic highs they saw prior to...

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Alan Dershowitz: “We Have to Appreciate Where We Are”

This Thursday, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden debated for the last time before the November election.  On Sunday, Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable the debate failed to bring the hard questions to the President or to Biden. “I think the debate, from the American point-of-view, was terrible,”...

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