Dick Morris – MMT Modern Monetary Theory, disastrous.

St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman – Low taxes, good schools, great weather, come to Florida.

Alan Dershowitz – Pressure for Judge Breyer to resign is unAmerican.

Steve Moore – Federal Reserve hints of an interest rate increase.

Peter Michalos, MD – Antiviral pills will free Americans from the pandemic.

Peter Navarro – Vocal Trump White House opponent of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Larry Kudlow – Federal Reserve chairman Powell hints at a rate hike.

Mike Pompeo – President Biden’s world summit G-7 and Vladimir Putin.

Nigel Farage – Europe is free of the Union. President Biden’s meeting with leaders.

Melinda Katz – The District Attorney is the final arbiter of criminal justice.

Michelle Steel – California heads to Governor recall. Orange County Republican.

Peter Michalos, MD – Target medicines, individualized care is the future.

Gordon Chang – $200 billion Senate bill to thwart China.

Bill Bratton – The country’s leading police professional

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney – HR-1 & HR-4 voting laws threaten America.

Jack Ciattarelli – Must bring New Jersey back from over taxation.

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Dick Morris: “Beginning to Dawn on the Democrats” Biden Must Be Stopped

Resistance on Capitol Hill to Biden’s infrastructure plan is growing.  It’s not just Republicans tossing water on Biden’s spending plans, with growing bipartisan pushback from his own party. Political strategist and pollster, Dick Morris, told The Cats Roundtable that fears over the 2022 election were beginning to peel support from...

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Steven Moore: “Stop Taxing, Stop Spending, Stop Borrowing”

If the release of the May jobs report pointed to anything, it was the unprecedented complexity of reopening an economy in the face of massive government spending.  While touted by Biden as a bellwether for his infrastructure and education spending, the jobs report showed hiring continued to slow, and...

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Texas AG Ken Paxton: Texas “Honoring What the Founders Put in Place”

Deep in the heart of Texas, lawmakers cleared a “constitutional carry bill” that drops most handgun license requirements.  The move comes as Republicans raised concerns about Biden’s failure to finish Trump’s border wall and overall immigration policy made Texans increasingly unsafe.   Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined The Cats Roundtable...

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Steve Moore: Biden the “Six Trillion Dollar Man”

Biden announced to lawmakers his plan for a $6 trillion budget, drawing swift criticisms from economists that Biden’s overspending could tip fears of inflation beyond the scale. Steve Moore, one of the Trump White House’s most trusted economic advisors, told The Cats Roundtable that Biden seemed to be intent on...

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Senator Rand Paul: Government Must Wake Up and “Leave Us Alone”

Senator Rand Paul’s grilling of Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Health, drew eyebrows this past week. The Kentucky Senator questioned the NIH’s funding of Chinese viral research, Fauci’s refusal to consider the lab-leak theory, as well as the hesitancy of US health officials to lift...

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Larry Kudlow: Biden’s Climate Change Executive Order “Run Amok”

This Sunday, Biden’s new offer to trim-down his infrastructure plan is already flat-lining, with Republicans raising concerns the $1.7 trillion offer, down from $2.3 trillion, is still too far away for an agreement.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised Biden’s current proposal will meet a red wall in...

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