Dick Morris – Trump DOJ Special counsel charges HRC lawyer Sussmann

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez – “Less is More” relieves pressure on Rikers Island prison.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – Foreign policy report from around the world.. China, Afghanistan, Korea.

Erin King Sweeney – East Hampton airport under fire. Possible closure.

Peter Michalos MD – Covid report. To “booster” or not to “booster”.

Admiral James Stavridis – Australia, Britain, and US… nuclear subs down under.

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy – All focus on midterm elections. Republicans back in power.

Steve Moore – Forms committee to stop President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Larry Kudlow – Inflation here to stay? National debt out of control.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel – The Country will soon return to Republican control, House, Senate, White House.

Dr. William Schneider – China is taking aggressive steps.

Peter Michalos, MD – 9/11 illnesses continue to take a toll on first responders.

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly – Policing changed after 9/11. Stepped-up surveillance.

Gordon Chang – China is moving to Afghanistan. Funding. Taking airport.

Steve Moore – Inflation is turning out to be not so transitory.

Frank Morano – Alternative “truths” about 9/11

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Gordon Chang: Biden’s US-China Policy Only Benefits China

With US-China relations at an all-time low, President Biden spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday.   The White House released a statement saying the two leaders had “discussed areas where our interests converge,” but many are skeptical the phone call could resolve the long list of disagreements...

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Never Forget”

Turn back the clock.  So long as you remember that day will not be forgotten.  In the 20 year shadow of that date, much has been gained and lost. To many an American on this anniversary, the hope remains that we will have the courage to always remember. The September...

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Al D’Amato: “Worst is Yet to Come” of Afghanistan Withdrawal

Scrutiny continues to build over Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, as it becomes increasingly clear he went ahead despite the warnings of intelligence and military advisors.  While he has maintained in public addresses to the nation that he owned the current chaos unfolding, the president has used much...

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Peter King: Buck Stops With Biden in Afghanistan

The end is in the sight for the chaotic evacuation from the Kabul Airport, as US personnel begin to withdraw and the Taliban move in.  13 U.S. service members and at least 169 Afghans were killed in a suicide bombing at the airport on Thursday, with the Pentagon warning...

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Larry Kudlow: Democrats “Barking Up Wrong Tree” On Economy

If you want smooth sailing, you’re in the wrong markets, pal.  The roller-coaster seems to continue, with stock indexes closing high on Friday, but at a loss for the week, on a combination of delta-variant fears, the Feds tapering of bond buying, and economic restrictions in China. But in the...

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Lt. Col. Oliver North: Biden’s Saigon

The scenes out of Kabul this past week have stunned Americans, even as the Biden administration insisted it had the situation under control.  The speed of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has created a desperate rush out of the country, prompting Biden to redeploy 6,500 troops to assist the...

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Gordon Chang: China Becoming Unsafe for Americans

While reports out of China have trickled in of new Covid outbreaks, of massive floods, the reality can be hard to come by.  What’s omitted can be as important as what is reported.  To make head or tails of the truth, one has to have their ear to the...

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