Senator Rand Paul – Becoming more and more concerned about the deficit.

Newt Gingrich – Imperative for the Country Trump reelected

Steve Moore – US economy struggling, needs aggressive reopen.

Dick Morris – Trump taunts the Left with talk of vote delay

Adam Goodman – Herman Cain RIP great American

Gov David Paterson – Casino’s could help with jobs and economy

Kathy Wylde – Employer impunity essential for recovery.

Michael Psaros – St. Nicholas to resume construction Ground Zero

Matt Daus – New York City taxis are an endangered species

Dr. Peter Michalos – Promising vaccine news on many fronts.

Jim Morhard – Mars we are on the way! Looking for life in all the right places.

Gordon Chang – China really put the screws to Hong Kong this week.

David Bahnsen – Optimistic view to reopening. Not as bad as it seems.

Congressman Steve Scalise – Trump has every right to defend Federal property.

Bishop Gerald Seabrooks – Need police stop in neighborhoods to stop shootings.

Congressman Peter King – Need to pass relief package before recess.

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Senator Rand Paul: You Can’t Hide Inflation Forever

As Congress debates the outlines for a new pandemic relief package, conservatives like Senator Rand Paul have taken an outspoken stand against what they see as a lack of fiscal discipline.  Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats stalled after McConnell pledged to keep the size of the aid package...

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Gordon Chang: Biden Has Made It Clear He Has Pro-China Views

Hong Kong’s leader announced Friday that it will postpone legislative elections for a year because of the coronavirus outbreak.  Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s decision, which has the support of the Chinese central government, drew international criticism, with commentators like Gordon Chang concerned Beijing is using the pandemic...

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Representative Peter King: America Rises to Meet Every Challenge

With unprecedented news in the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine, Senate Republicans announced this past week that they have agreed to a framework for a second pandemic aid package. This as the U.S. closed a Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas following a series of digital attacks on American intellectual...

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Congressman Tom Emmer: Hypocrisy Must Be Voted Out

Trump entered the White House promising to “drain the swamp,” and following growing calls from Democrats to defund the police in response to social unrest across the country, the President and GOP lawmakers are again echoing the President’s 2016 slogan. Democratic critics say a radical status-quo has set over the...

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John McLaughlin: Polls Don’t Count “Hidden Trump Vote”

There’s no debate that the 2020 Presidential Election is shaping up to be a historical one. Polls showing President Trump trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has supporters of the President saying, “not so fast.” With many days between now and November, pollsters like John McLaughlin say that the recent...

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Gordon Chang: We Need to Send a Strong Message to China

This past Tuesday, FBI Director Wray warned that China posed the “greatest threat” to the U.S., adding that over half of the bureau’s 5,000 counterintelligence cases were linked to China. But the Director’s warning isn’t just out of the blue. Gordon Chang joined The Cats Roundtable to navigate where the...

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