Bruce Mosler, Colonel Jack Jacobs & Ken Fisher – July 4th Special

Bruce Mosler, Colonel Jack Jacobs & Frank Siller – July 4th Special

Dr. Mehmet Oz – Social distancing with a mask. Vaccine maybe soon.

Sidney Powell – Flynn is going to walk. Lesson, hire good lawyers

Ray Kelly – Cops are taking a beating from all sides.

John Matze – Rival to Twitter which is uncensored.

Steve Moore – Here comes the economy! Employment up, 2nd quarter record.

Dr. Peter Michalos – What they are not telling you about electric and battery-operated cars.

Ambassador David Cornstein – United States still the symbol of freedom in the world.

Adam Goodman – Tampa Florida, rampant virus and attacks on police

Dr. Peter Michalos – The hidden costs of electric cars, virus spread

Steve Moore – The economy will come back. Will not be fast or pretty

Mike Stoler – New York City real estate reeling from Pandemic

Nicole Gelinas – The City is staring at layoffs and budget cuts post-pandemic

John Cachas – What is the true cost of the pandemic? Is society permanently scarred?

Dick Morris – Trump revitalizes his base. Remember polls in 2016 wrong.

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