Bill O’Reilly: New Interview Points to Trump’s Future

Bill O’Reilly interviewed former President Donald Trump.  And while ratings on network news harp on the 2020 election, O’Reilly wanted to find out what the future held for the 45th President.  

“I politely asked Donald Trump not to give me a look back on the election, not to give me a look back on anything, just to go ahead,” O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable.  

But if, just if, we had to look back at the confusion in the 2020 Presidential Election, O’Reilly had one certainty: if Trump had committed to the tactics employed by Democratic billionaires, the lid would have been blown on the story a long time ago.

While Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell were making the argument against the voting technology used in the 2020 election, the real culprits had been able to slip by.   

One of those culprits is none other than Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, whom O’Reilly noted had sent 400 million dollars to two political action committees to elect Joe Biden.

“I think that’s a stunning story, and it’s not being reported by the corrupt corporate media,” O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable.

He was stunned because the way the Democrats had won the election had been calculated to always remain legal.  For instance, O’Reilly explained Democrats had squirmed around laws that prohibited electioneering at polling stations.

“There is a law in each state that says you cannot electioneer at a polling place, that is a crime, in all states, but you can electioneer if you got a mail-in ballot,” he told The Cats Roundtable.

Ultimately, Democrats had exploited the loophole by using political action committees to knock on doors and fill out people’s presidential ballots.  O’Reilly explained Zuckerberg had donated his money to committees in key swing counties during the 2020 election, such as Fulton County, Georgia.

Not a stolen election, in fact, but one that had been bought.  And as underhanded as the tactics seem, it wasn’t illegal, according to O’Reilly.  Combined with the smokescreen from a “corrupt corporate media,” Democrats had scraped through.

In an interview with Trump, which premiers this Monday, O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable he broached his perspective with Trump, who admitted he had known about it, but “didn’t know the extent of it.”

But as 2024 crawls closer, and the heat from the 2022 mid-terms begins to ignite, the past is beginning to shape the future possibilities for Trump, for the GOP, and for America.

Listen to the interview below

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