Congresswoman Elizabeth Cheney – Speaker Pelosi has lost control

Congresswoman Elizabeth Cheney – Perry R-Wyoming At-Large District in the U.S. House.  First elected to the House in 2016. Re-elected 64% of votes.  Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Selected chairwoman of the Republican Conference in the 116th Congress. Committee on Armed Services, the Committee on Natural Resources, and the Committee on Rules.


John C.:                                Good morning, America. This is the CATS Roundtable, John Catsimatidis here. It’s Sunday morning. What’s going on in our country? This morning we’ve got Congresswoman Liz Cheney. Yes, the daughter of the vice president. And she is now the third most powerful Republican congressperson in the Congress. She’s a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. Good morning, Congresswoman Cheney, how are you this morning?

Liz  Cheney:                        I’m doing great, John. Thank you so much for having me on.

John C.:                                Tell us, last week you made a statement that the Democratic Party has to decide, is it the party of JFK or the party of AOC? Tell us about that.

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah, that’s right. Well, we were on the plaza in front of the Capitol building having a press conference to commemorate the fact that the Democrats have now been in the majority for 100 days in the house. And it just struck me, if you go back and you look at John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, which he gave at that very location where we were, it was just a soaring defense of freedom, and a real recognition that socialism extinguishes freedom. And the importance … It was a call to service. And he certainly understood that the responsibility each generation has to defend our freedom.

Liz  Cheney:                        And if you contrast that with the loudest voices in the Democratic Party today, both the freshman Democrats in the House as well as their presidential candidates, you see a very different approach. You see an embrace of socialism, you see an embrace of policies that would fundamentally steal power from the American people and give it to the government. They would essentially make us slaves to socialism. And those voices right now are driving the agenda of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are going to have to decide if they are going to let their party be hijacked by the socialists if they’re going to become the socialist democratic party. Or if they’re going to remember the importance, fundamentally, the freedoms at the heart of the founding of this nation.

Liz  Cheney:                        I don’t believe they can have it both ways. And right now they are letting the most radical voices, including Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, they’re letting them set the agenda, and they’re following them. And I think that’s very dangerous for the nation. So I hope that that’ll stop, but unfortunately, I don’t see any sign that it will.

John C.:                                Does Speaker Pelosi have the courage to put her foot down and say, “Enough is enough”?

Liz  Cheney:                        Boy, you would hope so, but so far we haven’t seen that. I think she’s not in control of the Caucus in the House, I think she’s afraid of the social media power of some of these young Democrats, and I think she doesn’t know how to handle them. I know from talking to colleagues who are more moderate Democrats that they are afraid to speak up when the party meets together, because if you speak up and you don’t espouse the socialist perspective then members worry that they are going to get Primary challenges. So far we’ve not seen that Speaker Pelosi will exercise any kind of control, or that she knows how to exercise control over these socialists.

John C.:                                AOC is actually going around threatening some Democratic Congresspeople. And I think it’s horrible, but … And they’re actually getting nervous. What do you think?

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah. No, that’s exactly right. Threatening people like Hakeem Jeffries, a colleague and a member of their leadership. And threatening anybody else who expresses moderate views. I think, at the same time, it’s just abhorrent what she’s doing to defend Ilhan Omar. And I don’t know if you saw Congresswoman Omar’s comments in the last few days. She said 9/11 was “some people did something”. Just outrageous. And she said it in front of this organization called CAIR, which has got affiliations and ties with Hamas and other radical Islamic terrorist groups.

Liz  Cheney:                        Particularly for AOC, a congresswoman from New York, to defend that kind of outrageous view about what 9/11 really was, her unwillingness to stand up and say, “No, 9/11 was the worst attack on US soil in our history” … 3000 Americans died. We can never forget that it was Islamic terrorists who did that. I think that behavior is simply indefensible, and they ought to strip Ilhan Omar from her membership on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. No member of Congress should be defending, or much less somebody from New York.

John C.:                                I know, I was very, very much surprised, and people were very much surprised when Judge Pirro was suspended for a week at Fox for even bringing up the question.

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah. Look, I think it’s very important for us to be clear. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, what your race is, what your religion is, truth is truth and facts are facts. We can never get to the point where we are allowing things like Ilhan Omar’s really vile anti-Semitism to go unanswered. With the Democrats allowing her to stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee after her anti-Semitic comments. Now they apparently are letting her stay on that committee after her disgraceful comments about 9/11. It says something about every member of the Democratic Party, and about their unwillingness to stand up and do what’s right. But instead, they seem to be very afraid of her and the other radicals among them.

John C.:                                Now, last week we had a couple of events. Bibi Netanyahu, a great ally of our country, was re-elected. What did you think?

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah, I think it was a terrific win for him. It’s historic, I think he’s the first prime minister to be elected to five terms. And he has been an important ally, and he’s been a very strong defender of the people of Israel. And we have to recognize that we face common threats, common adversaries, whether you’re talking about Iran, whether you’re talking about Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS. The United States absolutely has got to stand with and defend the state of Israel and that very important alliance we have. I know Prime Minister Netanyahu’s very committed to that alliance as well.

John C.:                                President Trump last week announced that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the main army of Iran, is being called a terrorist organization. Give me your opinion.

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah, I think that was absolutely the right thing to do. I think it’s overdue, long past time. The Iranians absolutely for decades now through the IRGC have been supporting terrorism around the globe. They’ve been responsible for killing American troops in Afghanistan and in Iraq through the IRGC, and through their Quds Force. And I think it’s important that we finally recognize the IRGC is a terrorist organization. By designating them as such it will help to cut off the flow of funds and resources that they need to conduct their terrorist activity.

Liz  Cheney:                        And I think it shows you a very important difference in just the absolute 180-degree difference between President Trump and President Obama, for example, in dealing with Iran. President Obama signed the Iranian nuclear deal and sent over a billion dollars to the Iranians, which we know there’s no distinction between the IRGC and economic activity in Iran. The IRGC controls many, many of the most important levers of their economy. So that money that President Obama sent to Iran undoubtedly went into IRGC coffers to help them support terrorism. And President Trump has done exactly the right thing, exactly 180-degree difference and said, “No, these are terrorists, and we’re going to designate them as terrorists, and we’re going to help stop the flow of money to them.”

John C.:                                I have to correct you. It wasn’t a billion, it was a billion, six hundred million. And he sent it over in pounds, euros, and Swiss francs to avoid telling Congress, until we found out about it by accident.

Liz  Cheney:                        Yes. No, you’re exactly right. It was sent away on those pallets in the middle of the night, untraceable. And in a way that absolutely was the United States providing resources to the government of Iran that undoubtedly were used for their terrorist activities.

John C.:                                Liz Cheney, I believe in women in leadership, and you’re doing a great job. Last night my daughter was being honored … Not last night, a couple of nights ago. The Bronx GOP. Nicole Malliotakis was there, and she showed me a picture of the two of you. So do you believe in-

Liz  Cheney:                        Oh, yes.

John C.:                                Do you believe in more women in Congress?

Liz  Cheney:                        Yeah, I think it’s very important. And I think we have great candidates across the country. Nicole Malliotakis is absolutely one of them, who has great potential. I think we’ve got to do everything we can to encourage women to run for office. And as Republicans, we have to make sure that we also are reaching out to and attracting and securing more women voters. I think people like your daughter and others around the country are going to be an important part of that. And we’ve got to make sure that voters know … The Democrats try to say, women … They presume women only can talk about and address and care about a small range of issues. And Republicans say, “No, women care about everything, from national security to economic growth, domestic policy.” And we talk to women about every issue, and we don’t treat them in a way that’s sexist and paternalistic like the Democrats do.

John C.:                                Liz Cheney, thank you for coming on our radio show, the CATS Roundtable. And we thank you for your wisdom that you spread amongst all Americans. And we’ll catch up again with you real soon.

Liz  Cheney:                        I look forward to it. Thanks so much, John, for having me on.

John C.:                                This is the CATS Roundtable, we’ll be right back.


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