Senator Mike Lee: The Democratic Robin Hood: Reward the Rich to Rob the Poor

Runaway spending bills? Indifferent Biden appointees?  Senator Mike Lee is seeing it unfold before his eyes.  And what is his message for the politicians, appointees, and businesses that don’t put the American people first?  Americans will “reclaim what is rightfully ours.”

On the tails of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s urging to raise or suspend the debt limit, Senator Lee told The Cats Roundtable the Treasury Secretary had declined his invitation to reach across the aisle.  He called her decision “significant,” particularly because she had declined the invitation in favor of a meeting in Venice to discuss the minimum global corporate tax rate.”

“Here, actions speak louder than words, and jetting off to Venice last week was a decision that stands in stark contrast to her declination, her decision to decline to speak to us,” Sen. Lee told The Cats Roundtable.  “And advocating for the minimum corporate tax is not what we need right now.”

But the current Democratic administration seems intent on focusing on those things Americans could, right now, do without.  From a massive infrastructure plan to the proposal for another massive spending bill, Mike Lee told The Cats Roundtable democrats seem intent on punishing average Americans.

“Americans can’t afford more reckless spending,” he said. “We need a real debate on these issues and not just a rubber stamp on partisan blunders.”

Sen. Lee claimed the Democrats’ proposal could top 4 trillion dollars, a move many Republicans fear could, and is, triggering inflation.

“This type of inflation very often ends up carrying a reverse Robin Hood. A mission where we rob the poor to give it to the rich,” he said.  “And poor and middle-class Americans, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, will be most hurt by these things, as they find their purchasing power goes down dramatically.”

But because of technicalities in the congressional process, Democrats might be able to push through their bill on party lines. Such a result is what is perhaps what makes the future look so scary to GOP leaders like Sen. Lee. As Americans feel the pinch at the gas station, the grocery store, and their savings, Democrats seem intent on taking “an enormous amount of money right out of the pocket” of ordinary Americans.

But as Democrats focus on passing through partisan bills, they’ve diverted attention with the culture war, taking aim at big tech and ordinary Americans with never-before-seen attempts to censor and suppress opinions that don’t align with the powers-that-be. Mike Lee believes there’s reason to be worried.

“The first amendment makes it pretty darn clear, that government may not infringe on the freedom of speech,” Lee told The Cats Roundtable, “and there isn’t an exception if you can get Facebook and other tech giants to like you and to do your dirty work.”

This attempt to erode free speech is why Mike Lee introduced the Promise Act, which demands social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter abide by their own user agreements: to protect the public on its public forums.

“It’s important for the American people to take stock between the relationship of the government and the people—that their government works for them, and not the other way around,” the Utah senator said.  “We can reclaim our government, and that which is rightfully ours, if we can remember the difference…”

Listen to the interview below

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