Steve Moore: When The Economy Can’t Get Any Better, It Does

“28,000 on the Dow, all-time highs!” Catsimatidis exclaimed as Steve Moore joined The Roundtable to discuss the latest news from the stock market, as well as the good news unfolding in China-US trade talks, and what this means for the President, the economy, and all Americans going forward.
“Every time I come on your show and I say the economy can’t get any better, it does,” Moore told The Roundtable. He notes with Catsimatidis that the good news from the market reflects well on pension funds, and servicing the middle class.
“The rise in the stock market is good for everyone,” Moore tells The Roundtable, adding that liberal campaigns such as Bernie Sanders that promote taking “way the wealth from people” would invariably be taking the gains of middle-class people with 401k and other retirement plans.
Moore explains to The Roundtable that he believes two factors have led to the rise in the stock market.
“One, it looks like they’re making some serious progress with a China trade deal,” Moore explained. “It looks like both sides are going to lower their tariffs, which is just a fantastic development if that actually comes to pass.”
The second reason Moore cites is Pelosi’s announcement on an “imminent” new North American trade deal.
“That was a very positive thing for the American economy as well,” Moore told Catsimatidis.
“She must have heard me,” Catsimatidis joked. “That’s all I’ve been talking about the last three weeks.”
Moore said that though he’s excited, he warns against taking anything for a fact until the agreement is nailed down.
“You never know until these things get done, so I don’t want to jump the gun on this,” Moore said, citing Pelosi’s past vacillations on the trade deal.
“But the latest signs are good,” Moore concluded, adding “it’d be amazing” if President Trump could go into the 2020 election cycle “having actually lowered tariffs rather than raising them.”
“I heard it someplace,” Catsimatidis said. “’ Where did it come from?’–It’s the economy, stupid!”
“ “That’s exactly right,” Moore said. “And that’s why Trump is going to be really indomitable if the economy continues to hold up and with the stock market numbers…”
Moore’s prediction for The Roundtable is auspicious if a China-US trade deal can be made.
“We’re talking about not Dow 28,000, but maybe Dow 33,000,” Moore concluded, saying it would mean “70 percent gains in 4 years under Trump.”
“I’ll take 30,000 sooner than later,” Catsimatidis concluded.

Listen to the interview below

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