FL Lt. Gov Jeanette Nuñez: Florida and the Bold Agenda Forward

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez joined The Roundtable in New York to help uncover why so many are packing up and moving to the Sunshine state.

“Under Governor DeSantis, Florida is absolutely moving in the right direction,” the Lt. Governor declared, reflecting that Florida’s low tax rates, backpedal business regulations, and environmental investment has made the state ideal for businesses and individuals. With 365,000 people a year moving to Florida, Nuñez thinks credit is due to the current administration’s ability to deliver on its policies.

“Our agenda, our bold agenda might I add, is something I believe people not only in Florida but around the country, are noticing,” Nuñez told Catsimatidis.

Nuñez took the time to paint her unique story to The Roundtable. As the daughter of Cuban immigrants who fled communist oppression in 1961, to her eight years in the Florida House, Nuñez explains she didn’t become the first Hispanic female Lt. Governor in Florida alone.  She gives thanks to her parents’ hard work, patriotism, and search for religious and economic freedom for bringing her to the place she stands today.

“My parents provided an opportunity for me, they instilled those values: courage, integrity, passion, humility,” Nuñez told The Roundtable. “And I think it’s important when you’re in public service to recognize those sacrifices of those who came before you and make sure you honor those sacrifices.”

Nuñez sees Florida as a sanctuary from the policies of Progressives and Democrats.  The Lt. Governor explained that during the Gubernatorial election of 2018, Floridians didn’t take stock in Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum’s platform.  She tells The Roundtable Gillum’s track record as Mayor of Tallahassee, and his liberal policies paved the way for her and DeSantis.

“It was a close race, certainly too close for comfort, but I believe that Governor DeSantis has proven that he is a leader for all Floridians,” Nuñez said, adding that DeSantis has shown he has taken on difficult issues without partisanship.

Nuñez also touched on safety and immigration in Florida.  Florida is not a border state Nuñez points out, and Florida’s problems with illegal immigration are different, involving more overstays than border crossings.

“We have a large concentration of undocumented, and that’s something that obviously concerns us,” Nuñez told The Roundtable, adding that safety, security, and compliance with the law are a priority.

“We’re not going to be a sanctuary state,” she told Catsimatidis. “Our first priority as a government is to maintain the safety and security of all our citizenry.”

Her parting word is dedicated to building the point that Florida is more than a vacation destination, but rather it’s a leader in the environmental investment, educational opportunity, and business growth, citing DeSantis’ mandate for Florida to be a leader in career and technical by 2030.

“We want to be able to provide multiple pathways of success for our children,” Nuñez told Catsimatidis.

“I think you’re seeing more and more people recognize that the crazy, liberal, leftist policies of socialism, of Medicare for All, and higher taxes, is something that Americans just don’t want to support.”

Listen to the interview below

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