Newt Gingrich: Democrats Overseeing “Total Collapse” of Legislative Process

In the first short months of the Biden administration, a catalog of national security and foreign policy gaffs have critics questioning if Democrats have let ideology get in the way of policy.  The missteps by Democrats in both Congress and the White House have turned into a potent message that has unified the GOP and galvanized the party after the November election.

To help break down the growing opposition to Democratic over-reach, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, joined The Cats Roundtable to outline what Republicans were doing to stop them.

That GOP effort has all-hands-on-deck, as the Democratic majority in the Senate will soon debate a voting package, H.R. 1, which would require states to overhaul their voting laws.  The bill has mobilized Republicans, who believe Democrats’ objective is to make it impossible for Republicans to win another election.

“It really tells you how the system is evolving that they’re ramming through all this legislation,”  Gingrich warned, adding “it has nothing to do with free society or representative government—it’s just pure machine politics.”

H.R. 1, which Newt Gingrich dubbed the “Corrupt Politicians Act,” was just one example of Democratic lawmakers enriching themselves by draping themselves in an American flag.

“They label the bills in a way that has the maximum moral positive effect,” Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable.  “So you get a so-called Covid relief bill, in which only nine percent of the bill relates to Covid, and the other ninety-one percent relates to paying off their political allies.  Or you get an act called For the People, H.R. 1, which is actually a bill designed for the corrupt politicians.”

The smoke and mirrors of Democrats have been in part created by a media “desperate for them to succeed,” according to Gingrich. But sold the same spoiled goods, the American people are waking up and beginning to smell the cooking.

“The news media is not carrying the details, so people, in general, don’t know about it.” the former Speaker of the House explained. “When they learn about it, they’re really opposed it.”

But it’s a growing disaster outside the beltway that has begun to eclipse the passing of the efforts of Democrats.  A worsening human rights situation on the US-Mexico border has the government scurrying to respond.  Gingrich railed against Democrats for what he characterized as a wartime level of censorship of the crisis, in part to tamp down on how serious a failure the Biden administration’s response is turning out to be.

“They literally will not allow them to go down and visit the detention centers,” Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable about journalist access.  “They will not allow them to interview anybody who’s working to stop people from coming in illegally, and they just clampdown.  I don’t remember any time in peacetime that we’ve had the level of press manipulation that we’re getting right now from the Biden administration.”

On the international front, Gingrich criticized Biden for what he called a “double-whammy” that Biden would “have a hard time recovering from.”

The first was the Thursday meeting between US State Department officials and their Chinese counterparts that Gingrich said was “perfect in teaching you about the Chinese.”

The second misstep was the US President describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “killer” this week, which immediately saw the ratcheting up of US-Russia tensions.

“You now have the Russians being irritable, you have the Chinese being arrogant,” Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable. “This is only the first few months of the Biden administration, so it will be interesting to see how it decays.”

Listen to the interview below


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