Alan Dershowitz: Israel, U.A.E., Bahrain Deal “Absolutely Remarkable.”

This past Tuesday, Attorney Alan Dershowitz filed a lawsuit against CNN for $300 million, alleging that the company slandered and libeled him when it edited comments he made during the Senate hearings for Trump’s impeachment trial.

He told The Cats Roundtable that he would prove CNN “can’t get away with just distorting and lying about what people said.”

The lawsuit is focused on comments Dershowitz made on January 29th, when he said “the only thing that would make a quid pro quo unlawful is if the quid pro quo were somehow illegal.” Dershowitz was speaking on Trump’s alleged withholding of military aid in exchange for political favors in Ukraine.

He accused CNN of doctoring his words, making it appear that Dershowitz, a constitutional lawyer and scholar, had “lost his mind.”

And this attempt to distort his words was no accident, according to Dershowitz. He told The Cats Roundtable that he believed it was a decision from the top down, in response to an “effective defense of the President in front of the Senate.”

Dershowitz said that the arcane powers-that-be behind the focus of mainstream outlets, like CNN, continue to manipulate the attention of the American people. He cited the historic normalization agreement signed between Israel, the U.A.E., and Bahrain this past Wednesday, which he called “remarkable,” but was all but overlooked by the mainstream media.

This oversight is partially because it’s a success for the Trump administration, who largely brokered the agreement. Dershowitz said it took “an enormous amount of courage” for Arab countries to begin to recognize more and more that it was “important to maintain close relationships with Israel.”

While in the Middle East Israel begins to normalize relations with its neighbors, back in the states, Dershowitz noted the increasingly anti-Israel sentiment, especially in Democratic circles.

“There are elements within the Democratic Party that do support boycotting Israel, and do support silencing students on college campuses,” Dershowitz said.

While Republicans have made in-roads towards removing antisemitism from its ranks, Dershowitz said that he had little hope that moderate Democrats would root out any antisemitism he hears growing in the left.

“Does anybody today have courage in politics? No, the answer is no,” Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable. “Moderate Democrats don’t have courage—they don’t have the guts to stand up.”

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