Congressman Peter King: The President is Looking to the Fight

Congressman Peter King of New York called into The Roundtable to discuss why he believes Democrats are damaging the country, to discuss Trump’s move to Florida, and to also give his thoughts on the death of the ISIS leader and the next steps for the War on Terror.

With the impeachment vote on Thursday in the House passing along party lines, Congressman King doesn’t hesitate to tell The Roundtable Democrats are “truly damaging the country.”

“There’s no basis for it,” he told The Roundtable. Though one “can disagree with” President Trump, the President still “has the obligation to find out” about corruption, especially if it involves “an American official or his family.”

“Now the fact that Joe Biden is running for President doesn’t mean he should be exempted from any type of investigation,” Congressman King stated, adding the President is being targeted for “carrying out his duty.”

“It’s going to hurt the country,” King warned The Roundtable. “It’s going to hurt the institution, and I think it’s going to backfire on the Democrats in next year’s elections.”

“Is it a high crime for Vice President Biden if he knew what his son was doing?” Catsmatidis asked, recalling the origin of the impeachment inquiry regarding a phone call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine in which President Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden and his involvement in a Ukrainian energy company.

“I wouldn’t call it a high crime, but certainly he was allowing a conflict of interest,” King replied.

“If this was the other way around—somehow Donald Trump’s family involved in Russia—do you think for a moment Democrats wouldn’t be asking the Russians what information they had on Donald Trump?” King asked.

“If this was Donald Trump being investigated, the person investigated would be called a hero—because it’s President Trump asking Biden to be investigated, somehow he’s going to be impeached.”

Congressman King and The Roundtable next shifted to the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, as well as their second in command. King called it both a “tremendous victory for the United States” and “a shattering defeat for ISIS.”

King criticized the partisanship that’s greeted the news.

“It’s too bad that Democrats and the media didn’t give President Trump credit for what he did,” King said.

This past week President Trump announced he would be moving to Florida, and King confides in The Roundtable that he wishes the President would stay in the Empire State.

“I wish he’d stayed here,” he said remorsefully. “He’s a New Yorker, through and through.” But King isn’t surprised the President would lift roots to Florida, believing Florida Governor DeSantos will treat the President better.

“New York City politicians—they treat enemy leaders better than they treat President Trump,” King admitted, but adds he’s not surprised.

As for the impeachment in the House moving forward, King says that after a recent meeting with the President, “he’s looking to the fight.”

His final words to Catsimatidis are a warning and a suggestion to all Americans listening.

“This impeachment is a disgrace—they should watch it carefully and not believe what’s being leaked out, and realize that this is not something to do with Donald Trump or Republicans or anything else—it’s really an attack on the whole system. I’m sure Alexander Hamilton and others that wrote the Federalist papers never contemplated that impeachment would be so abused like this for cheap political purposes.”

Listen to the interview below

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