Newt Gingrich: Biden Promises a Return to the Swamp

President Trump took to Fox News on Sunday to vow he would continue to pursue his legal options as he takes on allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, as well as claiming he had “won the election easily.”  At stake to many in this election is the very confidence in the system, which stands as the bedrock of American democracy.

The President’s crusade to rectify the projected election results have also bled into the wider culture war, with social media platforms Facebook and Twitter taking unprecedented steps to flag the President’s tweets.

Newt Gingrich echoed the President’s words on Sunday, telling The Cats Roundtable that this election had shown “just how brazen” attempts to undermine the election system had gone.

The former Speaker of the House railed against democratic state legislatures and governors who “legalized illegal behavior,” comparing Republicans exclusion from the voting process in Nevada to “what the segregated states used to do in the South under the democrats.”

“The scale of what we’re looking at in five or six different states, the total number of votes involved, the degree to which those who stole the votes are just methodically ignoring the law, and behaving as though they’re beyond any reach.”

According to Gingrich, what compounds the issue is a hostile mainstream media that deliberately censored information.

“You’re faced with the greatest challenge to the American people’s ability to govern themselves,” Gingrich said.

He railed what he saw as the media’s deliberate lack of coverage of the Pennsylvania supreme court’s November 25th decision to halt the voter certification.

Gingrich believes the truth of the matter lies beyond just Donald Trump: that a failure to protect the election, is a failure to protect a citizen’s sacred right.

“It’s not about Donald Trump, it’s about your right as an American citizen to assume that your vote is sacred, “ Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable.  “To assume that every legal vote will be counted, and illegal votes will not be counted, because otherwise the illegal votes drown out the legal votes and cheat the legal citizens of their right to representation.”

Gingrich, a veteran of the partisan chambers of Washington, mourned the decay of confidence in the system, believing the current atmosphere in politics was caused by left-wing Democrats who had “contempt for the average American” and represented the “corruption of the big city machine.”

“You really do have this challenge,” Gingrich explained, of the billionaires like Soros, with the internet giants, the major news media—all gathering together with the political machines to essentially steal the presidency.”

Gingrich said the attack on Trump confirmed “a deep state and the bias” lying at the heart of the government bureaucracy, and the former Speaker took particular aim at the FBI and the Justice Department, who have largely remained silent about the President’s election court battles.  He was confident that if Biden did ascend to the office, his Presidency “almost guarantees” a continuation of the “swamp” Trump promised to clean up in 2016.

“I just think that nobody should have any doubts here,” Gingrich warned, “the Hunter Biden stuff is real, the money coming out of China, Russia, and Ukraine is real, the degree to which all that has been covered up is real, and I think that all of us have to realize how serious a problem this is.”

Listen to the interview below


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