Newt Gingrich: DNC Proves Trump’s The Authentic Candidate

While Democrats capped this week off with positive vibes—how did they do? While a chorus of commentators have said Joe Biden exceeded expectations, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable that he believes it again opens Trump to make the argument that he is the best choice in 2020.

Though Gingrich noted that Biden’s speech was perhaps “the best speech of his career,” he called the overall performance of the DNC “pretty flat.”

Biden’s speech, which did not call Trump out by name, saw him allegorically allying himself with the “light” against the “dark.” But Gingrich called Biden’s framing of the light and dark “a big mistake,” telling The Cats Roundtable that Democrats were the ones who brought the darkness, while Trump has advocated for the real light.

He cited Trump’s opposition to the growing violence in cities, as well as his unwavering support of law enforcement as examples that he is looking to protect Americans, not trick them with slogans.

“Ironically, in the end, it’s going to turn out that Harris and Biden are on the side of the darkness,” said the Former Speaker.

“Being in favor of the police and standing firmly with those who are trying to protect our lives, that’s the light,” Gingrich said.

In fact, Gingrich said the nails in the coffin in Biden’s candidacy started showing even before the DNC kicked off, with his choice of a running mate.

“I thought the whole thing began to fall apart a week ago, when Biden picked Kamala Harris,”Gingrich added, telling The Cats Roundtable that he found Harris “stunningly dishonest.” He also criticized the Vice-Presidential candidate’s flip-flopping on support for law enforcement, and her desire for stricter gun control.

He believes that the psychic dissonance between what Democrats practice versus what they preach, would prove them insincere. This has to do with the fact that many of the fundamental platforms of the Democrats are of touch with the needs of voters, and even their own electorate.

“They couldn’t talk about policies, because almost all of their issues have such small amounts of support,” he explained. “So they have to have a kind of broad generalization and emotional appeal, though with no facts and no policies.”

With the Republican National Convention set to kick off next week, Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable that Democrats have given Trump the perfect counterpoint to pivot from.

“We’re in the opposite position from the Democrats,” Gingrich noted. “We want to talk about issues—we want to share with you what the differences are.”

Trump will have the opportunity next Thursday to show how he has fulfilled the promises he made when he entered office. Gingrich said that he hopes the President’s speech would do three things.

First, it should emphasize the pre-pandemic success of his administration, with U.S. unemployment at a record low, the stock market at record highs, and more Americans feeling the benefits of his America first policies.

Second, he hopes that the President will highlight the integral role he has played in helping lead Americans through the present crisis.

Finally, President Trump should give his case for why a Donald Trump America eclipses a Joe Biden America, both in his sincerity and desire to fulfill his duty as President.

“I think one of the reasons Trump won in ‘16, is because he felt authentic,” Gingrich emphasized. “I think the American people put a big premium on somebody actually sounding like they believe what they’re saying.”

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