Representative Peter King: “Standing with the Men and Women Who Wear the Blue”

Representative King joined The Cats Roundtable to give his strong stance against the stalemate in Washington and the failure of Democrats to stand up for law enforcement in the face of violent protests.
His commentse this Sunday came on the heels of another derisive week in Washington, capped by Trump’s Friday nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, after the death of Justice Ginsburg. Meanwhile, Congress remains deadlocked on multiple fronts, including on a pandemic relief package.
King admitted that partisanship and indecision was on the shoulders of both parties.
“Both parties are stalemated, he told The Cats Roundtable. “I think we do need, for instance, aid to be going to the city and state governments—Republicans don’t want to move on that. I think we do have to do much more to protect and defend the police—the Democrats are going the opposite direction on that.”
While an aid package is still in reach, King criticized Democrats for making law and order a partisan issue.
“They either criticize the police or stay silent when there’s violence against the cops—I mean, this is really a break down in society,” he said.
King’s comments followed violent protests across the country after the grand jury announcement on the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville. Two Louisville police officers were shot on Wednesday evening when protests erupted into violence in the city, and King noted an incident where a NYPD officer was struck in the face with a brick thrown by protesters.
“This is the first time I’ve seen such a break down in civil order,” King said about his almost 30 year career in politics. “Put it this way—when things were bad, people acknowledged they were bad. Today, it’s considered par for the course that if people don’t like the decision by a grand jury, they’re going to go out and riot, they’re going to loot, they’re going to shoot cops—and this is somehow seen as a legitimate response.”
King joined the chorus of Republican voices in his condemnation of Democrats who he believes focus on the violence against protesters while ignoring the violence against law enforcement.
“Now a ‘Hate America’ crowd is driving the Democratic party,” King said.
He also told The Cats Roundtable that he believed that there was a deeper organized structure to the protests, noting the widespread nature of the protests and subsequent violence.
“It has to be organized—it’s violent, it’s out there,” King warned. “And if this was the right-wing, everybody would be screaming their heads off about how terrible and dangerous it was.”
He also accused the mainstream media and Democrats alike for misleading the American people by calling the protests peaceful.
“They call it ‘peaceful protests, a ‘peaceful protest, with maybe a few people acting violently’—meanwhile, the cops are ducking Molotov cocktails, bricks,” King said.
The New York Representative called on the FBI to investigate the funding and organization of the protests. He accused antifa, a left-wing anti-fascist group, or any organization behind the violence, as being responsible for acts of “domestic terrorism.”
“To me, there’s no doubt in my mind antifa is a terrorist organization,” King said. “There is definitely a left-wing, violent movement across the country, and we have to do something to stop it.”

Listen to the interview below


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