Rudi Giuliani: “Substantial Fraud” in Dominion System and Mail-in Ballots

This Sunday, President Trump’s campaign continues to pursue legal action in key battleground states, while top GOP lawmakers have thrown their support behind the President’s right to pursue allegations that widespread fraud had skewered the election results.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, is one of the most outspoken critics of the handling of the election, and he told The Cats Roundtable that the campaign had evidence of “substantial fraud” related to the vote count in key swing states, both with the handling of mail-in ballots and with Dominion, an election technology company, that is used in 24 states.

The Trump campaign has already filed six lawsuits in connection with the presidential election, and Giuliani promised the coming week.  In Michigan and Pennsylvania, those lawsuits include allegations Republican poll-watchers were given “no opportunity” to observe the counting of hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots.

“In Pennsylvania, we have 623,000 ballots that were put into the system without our having an opportunity to inspect them,” Giuliani claimed, adding that Pennsylvania law was “clear as a bell you can’t enter a mail ballot unless both parties have a right to look at it.”

Giuliani railed against the use of the Dominion voting system, alleging that the system had simply switched votes for Trump into votes for Biden.

“In Pennsylvania, we caught them reversing the votes on Biden and on Trump—in other words if you thought you were voting for Trump, you were voting for Biden,” Giuliani explained.  “Now, we believe every single one of those machines needs to be audited, in every state, furiously in the very, very close states where he lost by less than a percent.”

Giuliani castigated states that employed the Dominion voting system for not questioning the software’s ties to Venezuela.  Trump campaign cites the President’s election night lead over Biden as evidence of fraud, particularly with Dominion.

“Switching votes is one of their specialties,” Giuliani said.  “Like we caught them doing in Michigan—alerting you to how many votes you need to catch up later when you’re cheating.”

“Remember, they had a terrible problem on election night,” Giuliani said about Biden.  “Trump won this election—he was winning in Pennsylvania by 800,00 votes, almost 400,000 in Michigan.”

Giuliani added that voting fraud wasn’t new to the American political system, but told The Cats Roundtable he believed that fraud was a pattern of democrats.

“This has been going on with democrats for years, and they get away with it because they only do it in democrat cities that they own,” Giuliani said.  “You don’t see them doing this in places that are republican.”

He said that the democratic “machine” would cheat if a republican could legitimately win an election, citing his own mayoral campaign, adding neither he nor the American people should “be surprised.” While the Trump campaign pursues its legal options, Attorney General Bill Barr has also promised to investigate any allegations of irregularities in the 2020 election.  Giuliani praised the move.

“The Department of Justice is investigating the fraud—and I do believe they are investigating the national security aspects of Dominion,” Giuliani said, reiterating that he found it “outrageous” states that employed the Dominion system had failed to investigate its foreign ties.

“I hope we get to the truth,” Guliani said, before imploring Americans to be patient.  With the final decision of the electoral college in mid-December, Giuliani joined GOP lawmakers in their belief this election is yet to be called. “Here we have evidence, hard, solid evidence of fraud in eight states,” Giuliani said. “You don’t just get that evidence easily.”

“If we don’t figure out foreign countries are involved in our election count, and enemies of ours are involved in our election count—that’s really, pretty sad, to have an election rest on that.”

Listen to the interview below


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