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Sen. Ted Cruz – The Texas border is an open door. Must stop.

Sen. Roger Marshall – ISIS at the border. Freed into America.

SI Borough Pres. Vito Fossella – Dodged a bullet on Congestion pricing.

Peter Michalos, MD – Men’s Health Month.

Steve Goreham – The Green Deal is not so green.

Victoria Coates – The Middle East is a tinderbox.

Martin Hassner – Education has slipped in America. Need to catch up.

Dr. Sky Steve Kates – Climate activists deface Stonehenge.

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell – Quality of life in the City. Taking illegal bikes off the street.

Cindy Adams – Wins Gracie award for her talk show on WABC

Former NY Gov. David Paterson – The state is still reeling from Governor Hochul’s congestion pricing ruling.

Restaurateur Stratis Morgogen – Bringing back the 24-hour diner.

Former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato – The 2024 Presidential race.

Michael Stoler – Interviews Dan Marks CEO of Terra CRG

US Sen. Joni Ernst – Biden’s border deal is no deal.

Sen. Ron Johnson – Amnesty for illegal immigrants? ISIS at the border.

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